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Coach Pitch Baseball Rules

Thornydale Little League Coach Pitch Baseball Rules

1.    A continuous batting order will be used for both teams.

2.    The defense can play up to 10 players in the field.

3.    Teams must use regulation Little League baseballs, no “soft” or “flex” balls.  They must provide 1 new ball at the start of play.

4.    All bats must meet regulations as outlined in rule 1.10 in the 2024 Little League Baseball Rules and Regulations.

5.    There will be a maximum of 5 runs scored per half inning OR 3 outs, whichever happens first.

6.    No batting tees and no walks, encourage the batter to hit the ball within a maximum of 6 pitches per player, batter will get 1 more pitch if the ball is foul.  After 6 swings the batter is out.

7.    Coaches may be present on the field, to instruct when their team is on defense.

8.    The time limit for all games at this level is no new inning after 1 hour 15 mins and drop dead time of 1 hour 30 mins of scheduled start time.

9.    Free substitution is permitted. Minimum play rules apply: 6 defensive outs and 1 at bat.

10. On a batted ball the runner can continue running until the ball is secured by an infielder.

11. Starting in May, for the last inning kids will pitch against other kids.  There will be NO walks.  Should 4 balls be thrown, the coach will pitch to the batter and the batter will inherit the count.  If there were two strikes on the batter before the walk then the batter gets one swing.


13. There is no “must slide rule.” The rule is, “slide, or attempt to get around.” The key in this situation is, “the fielder has the ball and is waiting to make a tag.” If the fielder (any fielder, not just the catcher) does not have the ball, and there is a collision, you CANNOT call the runner out. However, if the umpire determines that the runner deliberately attempted to injure the fielder, the umpire could eject the runner for unsportsmanlike conduct. 7.08(a(3)).

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