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Thornydale Little League Covid Precautions


Thornydale Little League will be operating with these listed precautions during the 2020 Fall Ball Season.


1.       Personal Safety and hygiene protocols:

a.            If you are sick or feel sick, STAY HOME

b.            At risk individuals, youth or adult, STAY HOME

c.             If capability exists temperature of participants, including coaches should be taken. Anyone with a temperature of 100 or more should be sent home and not allowed to participate for a minimum of 14 days

d.            Assign a “station” for each player to place their equipment, and that they should return to during breaks. Assigned equipment spots for all players

e.             Each player must have their own equipment if possible

i. Communal equipment can be used only if disinfected after each use

f.             No one is to share water or drinks

g.            No centralized hydration or refreshment stations

h.            Recommend having sanitizing options available. This may include:

i. Hand sanitizer

ii. Disinfectant wipes to be used to wipe down all equipment

i.             Respect for each individual’s choices must be the top priority. If a participant wishes to wear a face mask this should be allowed and accommodations made if needed


2. Team Practices:

a.            No Parents should be present during the practices except during pickup and drop off times

i. If parents must be present, they are to not be on the field and must practice social distancing

b.            Only one team to be on the field at a time

c.             Players must have a designated spot for their equipment and bags

i. Each spot should be 6 feet apart from the next

d.            Managers and Coaches should disinfect all baseballs and softball after each practice

e.            Minimal physical contact should be made with players, parents, or coaching staff

f.             Managers and coaches need to ensure that the players have the ability to wash / disinfect their hands throughout the practice

g.            Managers, coaches, and players should keep at least 6 feet apart when possible


3. Scheduled games or scrimmages:

a.            Parents are permitted to attend scrimmages and games. However, the league must designate sitting areas that allow for social distancing

b.            Managers, coaches, umpires, and players are the only ones allowed to be on the playing field and dugout area during and before the game

c.             Dugouts must be sanitized before players arrive and during the game if possible

d.            Dugout must be extending down the foul lines to allow for social distancing for players if possible

e.            Players must have an assigned seat in the dugout area for the game f. Players must keep their equipment in their assigned dugout area

g.            Hand sanitizer or handwashing equipment must be present during the game

h.            Disinfectant wipes should be present to disinfect community equipment

i.              Trash can with liner must be available in each dugout area for disinfectant wipes and other trash

4. Concession Stands:

a.            Must follow all county health department requirements for service

b.            Ensure customers are practicing social distancing

c.             Provide handwashing, disinfectant soap and/or hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes for customers to use

d.            Should have handwashing sink with disinfectant soap and/or disinfectant wipes

e.            Should have medical grade gloves which must be removed for each customer transaction and worn when handling cash.


We appreciate your willingness to adhere to the above protocols.



Thornydale Little League


Thornydale Little League

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